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​الخطة السنوية​

ادوات المختبر الزجاجية والبلاستيكية – الانابيب التي تستعمل لقياس معدل ترسب كريات الدم الحمراء بطريقة وستر جرنتكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحيةالطب المخبري
ISO 13079:2011 specifies requirements for single-use and re-usable glass and plastics tubes for measuring the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) by the Westergren method, and for a support to hold tubes during the performance of the test. These so-called "Westergren tubes" are also sometimes designated as "Westergren pipettes". A procedure for measuring the erythrocyte sedimentation rate by the Westergren method is given in an informative annex.

ISO 13079:2011 does not apply to single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection and their accessories for which other standards apply. It also does not apply for devices where the Westergren method has been used as basis to develop other, similar methods or equipment for the erythrocyte sedimentation rate determination.
أنظمة الفحص التشخيصي المخبرية - متطلبات مراجعة اجهزة فحص الجلوكوز الذاتي لضبط مرض السكريتكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحيةالطب المخبري
ISO 15197:2013 specifies requirements for in vitro glucose monitoring systems that measure glucose concentrations in capillary blood samples, for specific design verification procedures and for the validation of performance by the intended users. These systems are intended for self-measurement by lay persons for management of diabetes mellitus
> 11.10010/10/2018
اجهزة التشخيص المخبري الطبية   - قياس الكميات في العينات الحيوية –مواد المعايرة والضبط المستخدمة لقياس التتبع القياسي لقيم مواد المعايرة والضبط المستخدمة في فحص الانزيماتتكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحيةالطب المخبري
ISO 18153:2003 specifies how to assure the metrological traceability of values assigned to calibrators and control materials intended to establish or verify trueness of measurement of the catalytic concentration of enzymes.
> 11.10011/10/2018
اجهزة التشخيص المخبري الطبية - المعلومات المزودة من المُصَنّع المستخدمة في الصبغات الحيوية التشخيصيةتكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحيةالطب المخبري
ISO 19001:2013 specifies requirements for information supplied by the manufacturer with reagents used in staining in biology. It applies to producers, suppliers and vendors of dyes, stains, chromogenic reagents and other reagents used for staining in histology and cytology including bacteriology, haematology, histochemistry, as performed in medical laboratories
اجهزة التشخيص المخبري الطبية  - تقييم الثبات للمواد التشخيصية المخبريةتكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحيةالطب المخبري
ISO 23640:2011 is applicable to the stability evaluation of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, including reagents, calibrators, control materials, diluents, buffers and reagent kits, hereinafter called IVD reagents. ISO 23640:2011 can also be applied to specimen collection devices that contain substances used to preserve samples or to initiate reactions for further processing of the sample in the collection device
اساسيات  لتصميم الهياكل – الاسماء والرموز للكميات الفيزيائية والعامة الهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
This test method covers the determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of pavement subgrade, subbase, and base course materials from laboratory compacted specimens. The test method is primarily intended for, but not limited to, evaluating the strength of materials having maximum particle size less than 3/4 in. (19 mm).
فحص البروكتور القياسيالهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
Soil placed as engineering fill (embankments, foundation pads, road bases) is compacted to a dense state to obtain satisfactory engineering properties such as, shear strength, compressibility, or permeability
فحص البروكتور المعدلالهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
These test methods cover laboratory compaction methods used to determine the relationship between molding water content and dry unit weight of soils (compaction curve) compacted in a 4- or 6-in. (101.6- or 152.4-mm) diameter mold with a 10.00-lbf. (44.48-N) rammer dropped from a height of 18.00 in. (457.2 mm) producing a compactive effort of 56 000 ft-lbf/ft3 (2700 kN-m/m3).
فحص الكثافة الحقلية باستخدام المخروط الرمليالهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
This test method may be used to determine the in-place density and unit weight of soils using a sand cone apparatus
فحص المكافئ الرملي للتربة والركام الناعمالهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
This test method is intended to serve as a rapid field-correlation test. The purpose of this test method is to indicate, under standard conditions, the relative proportions of clay-size or plastic fines and dust in granular soils and fine aggregates that pass the 4.75-mm (No. 4) sieve
تصحيح وحدة الوزن ومحتوى الماء للتربة المحتوية على  حبيبات كبيرة جداالهندسة الإنشائيةالطرق والتربة
This practice presents a procedure for calculating the unit weights and water contents of soils containing oversize particles when the data are known for the soil fraction with the oversize particles removed.
المعلومات والتوثيق - ورق الوثائق - متطلبات الأداءالهندسة الكيماويةالورق والكرتون
This International Standard specifies the requirements
for permanent paper intended for documents. It is
applicable to unprinted papers. It is not applicable to
85.060  04/11/2018
نظم إدارة أمن المعلومات - التوجيهتكنولوجيا المعلوماتأمن المعلومات
Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Guidance
قواعد الممارسة لضوابط أمن المعلوماتتكنولوجيا المعلوماتأمن المعلومات
Information technology — Security techniques — Code of practice for information security controls
نظم إدارة أمن المعلومات - المتطلباتتكنولوجيا المعلوماتأمن المعلومات
Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Requirements
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